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Труды XXXV Международного Семинара по проблемам устойчивости стохастических моделей будут опубликованы в журнале Journal of Mathematical Sciences издательства Springer Science+Business Media (Нью Йорк), индексируемый в Scopus.

The submitted papers should be written in an excellent English and typeset in LaTeX system on the base of the class «jms.cls» distributed together with the instruction (see the downloadable files below).

The source and compiled .pdf files should be sent to isspsm@gmail.com and ishevtsova@cs.msu.ru together with the scanned copy of the signed Consent to Publish (see the linked file «consent_to_publish_JMS.doc», where the field «Journal: Title in Russian» must be left blank). The size of each paper is supposed to do not exceed 15 pages with the JMS template. The deadline for submission of papers is 15 January 2019.

  •   All-in-one download ( Author’s instruction; .tex template; jms.cls style file;  Consent to Publish)