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Some Facts

Perm State University (PSU) was founded on 1st of October, 1916. PSU has been acting as a State Higher Educational Institution according to the legislation of Russia since 1917. Today, nearly one hundred years later, the University has the status of a National Research University and is one of the leading universities in Russia.

Education environment includes 12 faculties, 76 departments, which train about 11 000 students, among them 10 120 undergraduates, 702 post-graduates, 270 doctoral students.

Academic staff consists of 650 Candidates of Science (PhD), 224 Doctors of Science (DSc), 2 Corresponding members of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS), 3 Academician of RAS.

At present at PSU there are 48 programs for training UG, 26 programs for training Master students (PG). Every year PSU opens new and called-for programs.

8 programs are considered to be included in the top five in the country: Philosophy, Nanotechnology and Microsystems` Engineering, Information Security, Geography, Geology, History, and Social Work.

Students study in 11 university buildings (150 classrooms, 45 laboratories, 28 computer labs) and live in 7 student dormidories either on the territory of the PSU Campus or within a 15-minute walk.

Throughout the University Campus, a modern security system operates, and there are points with free wireless Internet access.

There are canteens, coffee shops, 4 sports halls, a health center, and a Botanical Garden.

The culture palace “Academia” contains one of the best student concert halls in Russia.

The University library is one of the largest in Perm region and has 1.5 million units of educational, scientific, artistic and literary periodicals and books.

According to the documents enclosed PSU can deliver higher education both internally and externally.